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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that allows women to achieve fuller, more voluminous, and curvaceous breasts. The procedure generally involves inserting a silicone or saline implant underneath the breast tissues. The size, material, and texture of the implant are carefully selected to ensure natural-looking and safe results. Inserting a silicone or saline implant underneath the breast tissue instant enhances the protrusion of the breasts, helping you achieve a more curvaceous form.

Types of Breast Implants

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are solid silicone rubber shells filled with silicone gel. This is the most popular material for implants because it resembles the texture, feel, volume, and appearance of natural breasts. If a silicone implant is ruptured, the silicone gel doesn’t leak into the surrounding tissues, so there’s no wrinkling on the skin. Women who get silicone implants should undergo MRI scans yearly to detect possible leaks.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are solid silicone rubber shells filled with a sterile salt water solution. Saline implants also look great but don’t mimic the bounce and feel of natural breasts, so they’re less popular than silicone implants. However, if a saline implant ruptures, the salt water leaks into the surrounding tissues, and the implant deflates, leading to prominent wrinkles on the skin. You don’t need MRI scans every year with saline implants.

Goals of Breast Augmentation Include:

  • Enhance the volume and size of the breasts
  • Correct asymmetry issues by enhancing the size of one breast
  • Improve the volume and fullness of the breasts
  • Enhance the curvaceousness of the body
  • Reverse the effects of childbirth on the breasts
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

Candidates for Breast Augmentation:

  • May have asymmetry issues related to the breasts
  • Want to enhance the volume, size, or shape of the breasts
  • Want a fuller and more curvaceous figure
  • Want to reverse the loss of volume caused by childbirth
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Are nonsmokers or willing to stop smoking before and after the procedure
  • Can take around two weeks off work and other responsibilities to recover

Dr. Chiodo’s Breast Augmentation Technique

Dr. Chiodo performs a highly personalized breast augmentation after thoroughly discussing your goals and concerns. Breast augmentation is one of the most personalized surgical procedures because there are several variables, including the implant material, implant size, implant texture, implant shape, incision style, and the location of implant placement. Dr. Chiodo will carefully examine your anatomy, discuss your goals, and review your medical history, following which he will highlight your breast augmentation options.

Implant Selection: Size, Shape, Texture, Material

When undergoing breast augmentation, you must make several decisions about the shape, size, texture, and material of the implant. Dr. Chiodo will help you select the ideal breast implant size, which will be based on your anatomy and the naturalness of the desired results. He will also explain the unique advantages and drawbacks of the different implant textures (smooth or textured), implant shapes (circular or teardrop-shaped), and implant materials (saline or silicone.) Based on your goals, he will curate a personalized surgical plan.

Incision Styles: Transaxillary, Inframammary, Periareolar, Trans-umbilical

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia in our cutting-edge operating room. Dr. Chiodo can select one of four possible incision styles: transaxillary (small incision in the armpit), inframammary (incision in the crease under the breast), periareolar (incision on the lower half of the areola), or trans-umbilical (incision in the navel). Inframammary and periareolar incisions are the most common incision styles because they’re hidden by the natural contours of your body.

Implant Placement: Subglandular, Submuscular

After making an incision on the chosen location, Dr. Chiodo will place the silicone/ saline implant above the chest muscle (subglandular placement) or under the chest muscle (submuscular placement). The specific location of implant placement will depend on the type of implant, the volume of the implant, and the volume of breast tissues on your body. If you don’t have sufficient breast tissues, the surgeon will have to place the implant under the chest muscle.

After placing the implant, Dr. Chiodo will close the incision with dissolvable sutures. The entire procedure usually concludes within 1 to 2 hours.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation

You will have to wear a compression garment or sports bra for at least 4 weeks after breast augmentation to reduce swelling, promote healing, and support the breast implants. Your breasts will be swollen and tender for one or two weeks, following which the post-treatment swelling and bruising will gradually dissipate. You can resume light activities and work after a week, but you must avoid exercise for at least one month.

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Dr. Michael Chiodo is a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. He understands that everyone has unique desires and concerns, so he always curates personalized breast augmentation plans that conform to the patient’s body and goals. The decision to undergo breast augmentation shouldn’t be made lightly — Dr. Chiodo offers all the information and support you need to make an educated decision. Please schedule an appointment to explore your breast augmentation options in Dallas.

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