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Revision Facelift

A revision facelift is any facelift surgery performed after the primary (first) procedure. You may opt for a revision facelift for numerous reasons, such as extending the results of your primary facelift after several years, addressing potential complications arising from the primary facelift, or fixing cosmetic issues arising from a botched surgery performed by inexperienced facelift surgeons. A revision facelift is usually more complex because the surgeon must address issues related to the first surgery, such as overly tight skin and excess scar tissues.

Reasons for a Revision Facelift:

  • You want to extend the results of a facelift procedure performed over a decade ago
  • You have overly-stretched skin because of excess trimming
  • You have extremely visible and excessive scarring
  • Your earlobe is pulled forward
  • You still have jowls and sagging skin after the first facelift
  • Your skin looks puckered or dimpled after the primary facelift
  • Your hairline and ears look unnatural
  • Your facial anatomy looks unnatural and asymmetrical
  • Your primary facelift was performed using outdated techniques

Dr. Chiodo’s Personalized Revision Facelift Technique

Dr. Chiodo performs a highly personalized revision facelift after a thorough evaluation. He will carefully examine your facial skin, understand the techniques used for a primary facelift, determine if your scars have healed properly, ask about your expectations, determine if you have functional complications from your primary facelift, and measure the volume of sagging skin or laxity. After a thorough evaluation, he will curate a personalized revision facelift surgical plan to ensure safe and natural-looking results.

Your revision facelift is performed in our cutting-edge operating room in Dallas. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so you’re asleep throughout the facelift surgery. The traditional facelift approach involves making strategic incisions to separate the skin from underlying tissues, following which excess skin tissues are trimmed away, and the underlying muscles are tightened. But a revision facelift adds layers of complexity because the surgeon may have to work with scar tissues, poorly-placed incisions, or overly-stretched skin.

Dr. Chiodo generally uses the same incisions as the primary facelift to make the necessary adjustments. But sometimes, he may have to move the incisions to another location. He corrects issues related to poor scarring, asymmetries, and other concerns, following which your skin is re-draped and sutured. The entire procedure may take 3 to 5 hours, depending on your unique condition and goals. After the surgery, you may have tubes underneath your skin to facilitate fluid drainage.

Candidates for Revision Facelift:

  • Want to correct cosmetic or functional mistakes arising from a primary facelift
  • Have undergone a primary facelift over a decade ago
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Are nonsmokers or willing to stop smoking before and after the procedure
  • Can take around two weeks off work and other responsibilities to recover

Recovery After Revision Facelift

You may experience considerable swelling, tenderness, bruising, numbness, and discomfort on the face for up to two weeks after surgery, following which the side effects will gradually dissipate. You must avoid work and other activities for up to two weeks, following which you can gradually initiate low-level activities and work. You should also keep your head elevated, even while sleeping, for the first couple of days. You can resume most of your strenuous physical activities after about 6 weeks.

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Dr. Michael Chiodo is a fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in cutting-edge facelift techniques. He follows a comprehensive and personalized approach to facelift surgeries to ensure consistent and natural-looking results that conform to your facial anatomy and expectations. He also ensures you feel emotionally supported throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the final recovery. Please schedule an appointment if you’re prepared to initiate your revision facelift journey in Dallas.

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